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Installing a Printer on Windows (non-UWO domain)


This article describes how to install a printer on a Windows PC that is not joined to the UWO domain.

Applies To

Users installing a Science Technology Services-managed printer on a Windows 10/11 PC not joined to the UWO domain.  If you are on the wireless network and/or you log in to your PC with a local account, your PC is not joined to the UWO domain and you should follow these instructions.  

If you log in to your PC with your Western credentials, your PC is joined to the UWO domain and you should follow the instructions in Installing a Printer on Windows (UWO domain) instead.


1. Select Start > Control Panel.

On Windows 10, type control panel in the search bar to access the Control Panel.
2. Select View by > Small icons.

3. Select Credential Manager.
4. Select Windows Credentials.
5. Select Add a Windows credential.
6. Enter the following information and click OK.
Internet or network address
User name: UWO\username
Password: Your Western password
For the username, you must entered your Western username, prefixed with UWO\
7. Return to the Control Panel and select Devices and Printers.
8. Click Add a printer in the toolbar of the Devices and Printers window.
9. Select The printer that I want isn't listed.
10. Select the Select a shared printer by name radio button and click Browse.
11. In the Printer field, enter \\ and click Select.
12. Select the printer you wish to install, based on its building acronym and room number, and click Select.
13. Click Next.
14. Wait a moment while Windows downloads the print driver from the print server and installs the printer.
15. Click Next.
16. Click Finish.
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